Naam: Freek
 Branche: Carpetten

About Freek:
freek is brand new. freek is strong. freek is sexy. freek feels like grass. freek is fun.

freek is not black. freek is not purple. freek is not green. freek is colourful.

freek is not big. freek is not small. freek is all sizes.

freek is freek.

freek® is the original colourful carpet for outdoor living, a
far-out fix for spaces that need a new dimension. freek® is
ideal for decoration of garden, terrace, balcony and patio.
Made from ultra-soft but extremely durable fibers that are
UV- and water-resistant and oh-so-easy to keep clean, it is
the finishing touch to your personal atmosphere that can be
left outdoors the year round. See it, feel it, love it.