Marike wint goud!


The young Dutch designer Marike Andeweg already won several prices for her beautiful designs, but this time she is awarded with gold at the prize of prizes: The German Design Price 2008.



The jury described it as followed:

“According to ceramic tradition, a wash basin is a bowl, a depression in a horizontal surface which catches water. Marike Andeweg turns this construction principle upside down and designs a basin which strives for one level. Paper thin wall surfaces rise like a thin membrane from the horizontal plane and carry the water up with them. Plateau and wash basin merge completely with one another. The elegant vessel construction with curved walls on both sides would almost seem to defy rationality. It is based on a careful observation and great respect of the element water and follows a principle of ecological sustainability in the sensitive way it deals with this valuable resource. Intelligent, rationally detailed solutions also characterize the organic design: The overflow is concealed in the hollow space inside the rim. Tap fittings can be flexibly mounted according to the situation – either on the plateau surface or the wall.” (Hannes Wettstein)


With her C7 collection, Marike intentionally switched from her typical rectangular shapes to a more organic design. In the C7 collection, Marike introduces a new generation of washbasins in which the basin and plateau are entirely integrated. The C7 collection (length: 60cm or 1.2 metres) can be combined beautifully with the C7 plateaux that extend the countertop to the left, right or on both sides. Whatever the combination, the result is bound to provide an exciting interplay of lines. 

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